Cartier 2021

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Cartier "Buffs" | Black & Gold - THE VINTAGE TRAP
Cartier "Buffs" | Black & Gold - THE VINTAGE TRAP
Cartier "Buffs" | Black & Gold - THE VINTAGE TRAP
Cartier "Buffs" | Black & Gold - THE VINTAGE TRAP
  • Country: Made in France
  • Frame: Gold and White
  • Material: 18kt Gold and Buffalo Horn
  • Condition: Deadstock (new and unworn)
  • Size: Front Width 13.5cm, Front Height 4cm, Arm Width 13.5cm 



La Maison Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847. Internationally recognised for their meticulous detail, Cartier is one of the finest and most iconic in eyewear to ever exist. A pioneer of luxury, with its materials and quality being only the best.

The buffalo horn is only removed from domestic animals, according to the international convention on protected species. It can measure up to a meter but only a very small part of the horn meets Cartier’s criteria in terms of quality and aesthetics. The construction of thin strips layered crosswise ensures quality, resistance to warping and the stability of each frame. Cartier horn frames are not varnished so that they can be re-polished over time.

No other frame material has the warmth and feel of buffalo horn. The exotic look and feel of horn is what many frame designers try to achieve with acetate material. The Buffalo Horn's distinctive designs are for men and women looking for contemporary eyewear that is refined, striking and unique. It's one of the finest materials in eyewear and the craftsmanship is impeccable.